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 In June 2020 Sevenlog was appointed as the local agent to undertake a colossal project to help Burkina Faso increase its electricity supply. In order for the country to reach its national economic development target of increasing electricity access from 20% to 80% by 2021, an upgrade of the Kossodo thermal power plant project was necessary. This would provide Burkina Faso with an additional 50MW capacity. Alongside Mammoet, who undertook the heavy lifting, Sevenlog’s scope was to handle the haulage and customs clearance of all machinery and equipment via the port of Tema. The global project consisted of nearly 260 containers and not less than 60 air shipments, which included an air consignment of approximately 20 tons.


Sevenlog oversaw the successful land transportation of equipment across 1400km of sometimes difficult terrain, potholed roads, structurally unstable bridges and low-hanging power lines, along the Ghanaian corridor. Rarely had cargo of this size been transported over such a long distance and under such fraught conditions such as the poor infrastructure and the restrictions of Covid 19. The project almost came to a halt when the lockdown resulted in border closures with Ghana, meaning that key technical experts from South Africa were unable to obtain the necessary travel documents to see the project to completion. However, thanks to Sevenlog’s efficiency and extensive networks across various sectors, the company succeeded in record time to obtain all the necessary permits for the technicians as well as for the vehicles transporting the equipment. Overcoming these challenges has only further served to consolidate Sevenlog’s status as the leading logistics agency in Ghana and in West Africa. If it were not for Sevenlog’s timely intervention the project would have been stalled until the end of the Covid crisis.