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Please be informed that, as of the 1st of July 2018. all shipments coming to Ghana (including transit cargo), will have to be covered by a valid Cargo Tracking Note (CTN).


But what is the CTN exactly?


Cargo Tracking Note or CTN is an official loading certificate number which confirms detailed information about cargo and its movement between ports. Being a mandatory regime, every shipment coming by sea must be covered by a CTN number before the cargo arrives at destination. Indeed, all shipments coming by air or by road do not require any CTN for now.


How do we obtain a CTN?


To apply for a CTN, the Shipper/Supplier/Manufacturer needs to follow the following process;


  1. Provide the Ship Details, Shipment Details and Cargo details
  2. Attach/upload supporting documents
  3. Generate CTN or Pre-Validation
  4. Validate the CTN


For more information click on the link https://www.ctnghana.com/


All cargo not covered by a valid CTN number will not be cleared through the Ghanaian Customs system, and fines may even be applied. Therefore, kindly inform your Shippers/Exporters/Forwarders of this requirement.